Petroff Electric – The Power of Full Service, at Your Service

interior-img2Petroff Electric Company delivers full-service commercial electrical contracting solutions, specializing in Design/Build, Industrial, Complex Service and Low Voltage work.

With Petroff Electric, you gain the power of working directly with the owner and licensed electrician with expertise in the complete range of projects, from sophisticated design-build, to tenant improvements, to build-to-suit, to routine service calls.

Your projects are our priority, and we’ve earned a stellar reputation for performance and reliability with general contractors, building owners and managers throughout New Jersey. We remain committed to our clients and collective success on all jobs, large and small.

Electrician & Generator Installation Contractor

Residential Electrician

An electrical project isn’t something you want to leave to amateurs. After all, the safety of your family and home is at risk. The professionals at Petroff Electric will see to it that your electrical job is done properly, on time and up to code. At Petroff Electric, we know firsthand what a daunting task it can be…

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Home Improvements

When you reach a certain level of achievement, you may become fortunate enough to design and build a custom luxury home. Custom can mean everything from a concept born in your individual desire to be unique in the form you want for the type of construction, a floor plan to fit a specific functional need…

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Ceiling Fan Installation

New Jersey can deliver a variety of climates and the simple ceiling fan is an affordable and effective way to comfortably enjoy the temperature of your home. Ceiling fan technology has come a long way, and there are many options and styles now available, from modern fans and hugger fans…

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Electric Service Upgrades

Lights flickering all over house? Outlets not working throughout? These could be signs of damages occurring to your main electrical panel. There are several issues that could cause damages to your panel. One of the most common that is found is faulty workmanship. Your panel is delicate and precise…

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Recessed Can Lights

Change the ambiance and “feel” of each room in your home by installing recessed can lighting. There is a variety of sizes, colors & other options that can be selected to create an exceptional custom look to each room in the home. Our many years of lighting design experience can help any homeowner to select…

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Electrical Repair Expert

Electrical repair and troubleshooting is a skilled art. If handled improperly, it can even be hazardous. Inaccurate troubleshooting can lead to extended outages, increased overhead costs, additional repairs, reduced profits and potential injury. Whether the problem started occurring…

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Plug – Switch Upgrades

It’s not something you give much thought to, most people never consider replacing their power outlets or light switches unless it’s for redecorating purposes. But sometimes there is a real need to do this, especially if they are worn out and becoming an electrical fire hazard. Additionally, worn out receptacles can be…

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Home Automation

When it comes to the ultimate in control of your lighting environment for your home, consider a customized home automation solution from the specialists at Petroff Electric. Already the trusted choice in hundreds of local homes, with over 11 years experience, Petroff Electric can help with…

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